22 January 2010

Kid Friendly


- turkey or chicken breast (need about 1 cups worth)
- cream of chicken soup (small can)
- frozen vegetables (I use half a bag)
- garlic salt (optional)
- 2 pre-made pie crusts

Take cooked chicken or turkey and shred it.
Mix with cream of chicken soup and frozen vegetables.
Put mixture in between the two pie crusts and bake it for an hour at 350.
I season my turkey with sage and curry powder.


- crescent rolls (buy the name brand ones, they hold together better)
- your choice of filling (ham and cheese, pepperoni, cheese and marinara sauce, beef and cheese, whatever you want!)

Instead of separating them into 8 separate triangles you keep the two connected and push the creases together.
Put your filling on one side and bring the other side over.
Use a fork to get the crust together.
Cook for 15 minutes, just a couple minutes longer than normal crescent rolls so the middle cooks perfectly!

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