27 November 2009

A few cheap chicken meals


Boil 1.5 cups rice and 3 cups water until rice is tender and ready to eat.

Meanwhile in a skillet, fry up 2 or 3 chicken breasts. Season how you like (I use garlic powder and onion salt).
Combine chicken and rice, add 1.5 cups salsa. Add whatever veggies you want (we use a frozen stir fry mix).
Serve and enjoy!
-courtesy of Lizzy


1 lb chicken
1/2 bottle Hidden Valley Ranch (more if you want more 'sauce')
2 cups broccoli
optional: sesame seeds, mushrooms, bean sprouts (pretty much anything you can think of)
rice (as much as you want/need)

Cube up chicken. Throw in a skillet with ranch. Let it cook on med-low or medium for 20 minutes until all the white runs clear/yellow. Chicken should be done long before the sauce is, but the sauce keeps it moist.
Serve over rice with broccoli
Dish can be dressed up with optional ingredients if you so desire!


chicken (as much as you need)
Rice a Roni (any flavor you want, I love the cheesy type!)
veggies (whatever you want!

Cube chicken, season and sautee until no pink. Take out of pan temporarily. Prepare any type of Rice A Roni according to the box. Right before you throw the lid on to simmer the rice, throw the chicken back in the pan. You can also throw in any frozen vegetable at this time, if desired.

Variations to this recipe- can add onions while sautee-ing chicken
-courtesy of Lizzy

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